Digital Marketing Strategy

End-To-End Go-To-Market Strategies and Individual Solutions

Maurice Bretzfield Online Marketing Expert

I am a Digital Marketing Strategist and Developer with 25+ years of Digital Marketing Strategy & Systems Development.

Several important facets of my role as your strategist and developer include advising you on the reallocation of marketing resources, building strategic capabilities at key touchpoints in the buyer’s journey, identifying business development opportunities, and generating proprietary insights based on the external forces at work that impact short-term and long-term digital trends.

  • I identify markets and potential customers

Developing targeted marketing strategies

  • I develop end-to-end Go-To-Market strategies

I plan and develop your online presence

  • Build, plan and assist in the implementation of the overall Digital Marketing Strategy

Keyword & Competitor Research, SEO, SEM, SEO

  • Managing the hiring process and training team members

Identifying qualified freelancers and training on the system I
develop for you

  • Design all Digital Marketing Channels

Search Engine & Social Media Marketing Channels

  • Determine which KPIs to monitor and measure

I develop your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and teach
you how to quantify them

  • Demonstrate ROI

Optimizing your Return on Investment and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

  • I will Advise you on the preparation of the Digital Marketing budget

I create flexible budgets based on your needs and capabilities

  • Design and improve online content, considering SEO and Google Analytics data

Data-driven content creation for both organic and paid channels

  • Monitor competition

    “Listening As A Strategy” to determine where you can improve on your competition’s strategies

    • Provide suggestions for refinement and improvement on a continuing basis

    I continue to support you as your market expands and
    your needs grow