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Maurice Bretzfield Online Marketing Expert

I am a Digital Strategist with forty + years of Business Management, Business Systems, Information Architecture, Digital Marketing Strategy & Systems Development, and Outsourcing.


I begin my Digital Marketing Development Consulting projects with Keyword and Competitive research and then we take it from there. And, I teach businesses and individuals how to differentiate themselves online.


“I am curious. I love nothing better than to focus on a new challenge.
I am fortunate to live an enormously interesting life.”

I began my career in the early 70’s traveling to the Far East and establishing an international consumer products manufacturing and distribution business. It was during this time that I helped design a main-frame based data-base driven business systems solution.

I have been creating profitable solutions for clients in their Internet development strategies since 1995. My clients have included Sony Music, The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, Viacom, and many more.

It has been my honor to serve the not-for-profit community.  I served The Center For Early Education in West Hollywood California as a Trustee, Board Treasurer, Vice President, and Capital Campaign Co-chair. I have also served Cedars Sinai Medical Center as a member of The Board Governors and The Los Angeles Children’s Museum as a member of its Board of Trustees. And now I am a SCORE.org Certified Business Mentor.

I have guest lectured and taught at the University of Southern California (USC), New York University (NYU), Fashion Institute of Technology New York City (FIT), and The New School in New York City, Re:Life program at the City University of New York, CCNY campus and as a Counselor and Workshop Presenter for SCORE and to many smaller corporate and community organizations.

I consult, develop, mentor, teach, and evangelize. What do I love about Digital Marketing? As I tell my audiences, “I’ve been a Digital Marketer for over 25 years, but it’s only the last six months that really count now”. That’s because Digital Marketing has so many moving parts and the field expands and changes exponentially. New tools and platforms emerge all the time. It’s fascinating and wonderful to watch the ecosystem evolve to satisfy the needs of consumers and marketers and to integrate these Marketing Technologies (MarTech) into the systems I design.

I am the father of two wonderfully successful young women and am blessed with five gorgeous grandchildren.

Listen to my interview with “The People of Digital Marketing with Kenny Soto”. You’ll learn a lot about me!

What My Friends and Associates Say

What My Friends and Associates Say

” Maury is one of a kind. Smart drove for his customers and will do what it takes to make the interests of his customers and partners number one. We originally met at the time when we started LinkShare and Maury was one of the first to understand our concept. When there was something that did not make sense he would call me up to have me personally explain it to him. If he was not fully satisfied with the answer he would follow up again. After years of this focus, he became one of the most well-known Affiliate management companies on the market and frankly knew just about everything in the affiliate marketing space. I don’t know many other people who would have been as focused, driven, and smart as Maury and the team he created. ” Without Maury, I am not sure that LinkShare would have become as good as we became. For that, and the friendship we created I will be eternally grateful.” Stephen Messer

” When I went to work for Maurice, I had no idea as to what a visionary was, what it meant to view the business world without borders or how to create a system when previously, no system existed. Under Maurice’s guidance, direction, and encouragement, I was able to open trade with India and the Philippines, ship components from any part of the world, and assemble them for distribution no matter how far along the country was on its road of the industrial revolution. Maurice taught me ‘branding’, marketing, projections, communication, and global expansion with financial goals strictly met.

Maurice’s interest and knowledge in technology were so ahead of the curve that even today, they are the standards of the industry. Maurice is a leader, a motivator, a team man, and most of all a good teacher!

If you read my resume you will see that I have worked for some of the ‘smartest and largest’ companies in the industry. What Maurice allowed me to learn underneath his guidance was never again replicated in my career as an employee.

“It is my personal and professional opinion that Maurice is definitely a genius in each field that he chooses to work in and that success and advancement naturally follows his work!

Cary Nadler

” I had the good fortune of working with Maurice in the years 2000 – 2004. Hired by Disney to manage a network of tens of thousand affiliate websites, Maurice’s EComWorks was instrumental to the spectacular growth of Disney’s e-commerce operations during the years. As a manager, Maurice was a visionary, who deeply understood the power of the internet and its impacts to business even back in the 1990’s. He displayed great dedication, often going beyond the required call of duty, and therefore was able to provide great services. On a personal level, Maurice is friendly and thoughtful. Well-traveled, he has a witty sense of humor, can (and often does) offer great wisdom. In a nutshell, Maurice is an effective contractor and a great person to be with. I would not hesitate to recommend his service.

Quan Le