Maurice Bretzfield - Your Fractional CMO

Maurice Bretzfield Online Marketing Expert

Startups and SMEs are always on the lookout for the best talent; talent that drives company growth and provides strategic direction.


Everyone keeps a careful eye on where they spend their dollars and in many cases don’t need experienced professionals full-time. A full-time CMO can cost north of $175k a year (plus benefits).

But all organizations need top talent, especially in today’s rapidly changing marketing environment. Well, there’s a very efficient (and cost-effective) alternative to the full-time hiring of a highly experienced CMO – a highly-experienced Fractional CMO.

Fractional CMO

I am a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. I am a highly experienced and sought after marketing executives who: 

  1. Handles the same marketing outreach and analysis goals as a full-time CMO
  2. Works with companies based on the concept of ‘hours of work bought’; what that simply means is that you buy a ‘fraction’ of my time – say 10 hours a week, and for that time you have the services of a highly experienced professional at your disposal – for a fraction of the cost of a full-time marketing executive.

What Do I bring to the table?

I provide unified direction to company marketing efforts, aligning product, sales and marketing strategies. I develop strategies and tactics that will generate revenue and I guide their implementation.


I am your ‘how do I take my product to my potential customers’ problem solver.


I help with three major areas in a company’s growth:

Go-To-Market Strategy
This is your company’s marketing journey, consisting of four areas of work:


  1. Market Analysis: A deep structured research on what  your target market is (and it’s defining characteristics), what your customer needs are, and who your competitors are.
  2. Market Selection: Marketing segmentation and marketing targeting based on different defined segments.
  3. Marketing Mix: The famous 7 P’s (Product, Price, Product Distribution, Promotion, People, Process, Physical Evidence) and how to use each of these resources to target your defined market segments.

Customer Acquisition: Following #3, this deals with taking the customer from all the stages of product awareness and successfully converting them; what I call “The Five Moments of Truth:
1. Discover
2. Engage
3. Convert
4. Retain
5. Evangelism

5. Identifying market opportunities:
In today’s business environment, sustaining growth and profitability is never a guarantee. Technological and scientific advances shorten life cycles of products and services, business models change and new competitors appear from outside the industry. This constant instability makes it necessary to seek new business opportunities where they exist. The following is how I identify marketing opportunities:
1. Consumer segmentation
2. Purchase situation analysis
3. Direct competition analysis
4. Indirect competition analysis
5. Analysis of complementary products and services
6. Analysis of other industries


6. Building a digital and non-digital marketing strategy
Broadly speaking, best marketing practices include: 


  • Knowing which digital platforms your customers use.
  • Generating relevant lead data, then making decisions accordingly.
    1. Marketing Technology (MarTec): I know and understand the MarTec landscape and will identify the right solution for the marketing functions required by you.
    2. Collaborative Planning and Team Building: I will get your key stakeholders on board. They’ll provide crucial customer info (i.e pain points, trends, customer education needs) so you can make appropriate and effective outreach efforts.
  • Building relationships with media, digital and creative industries.
  1. Driving investment in digital marketing.
  2. Adapting and utilizing company resources to changing marketing trends.

In short - I bring decades worth of relevant experience.

Implementation of best marketing practices. 

This is the step-by-step (in many cases simultaneous)  execution of marketing efforts to successfully target and convert target markets. 


Obviously, as the world has gone increasingly digital, a vast majority of these efforts are solely focused on digital spheres.

Establishment of Key Performance Indicators.

KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are the ‘core stats’ of a company’s performance. While your marketing department is busy in its efforts, your top management and marketing personnel will regularly gauge marketing and company performance against some major preset targets.

As your FCMO I will set and re-calibrate these according to marketing and company performance.

Team Building
Where necessary I will hire and train the personnel required for your continued Growth Marketing success. While every marketing effort requires a unique team of specialists, one thing is constant – the need to seek out and train talent wherever that talent may be and weave them into a team that applies the unique work-flow created for your unique needs.

Should You Hire A Fractional CMO?

For new to mid-sized companies, hiring me as your Fractional CMO makes a lot of sense. 


Rather than trying to ‘learn as you go’, it pays to invest in professionals who’ve been through your ‘company journey’ dozens of times with different companies in different industries and who can take what’s learned and pass the knowledge on to your team.


I know what works and how to weave everything in a cohesive fashion to achieve company goals in the desired time.


Hiring me will also have a positive impact on employee psychology as well; knowing that they are working under or with an experienced marketing executive, one who has done several times what your own company is trying to accomplish (i.e grow and be sustainable long-term) greatly helps with employee focus and takes off the ‘anxiety’ of being unsure of what course to take when faced with challenges.

Maurice Bretzfield: Your Fractional CMO

My decades-long experience in the Digital Marketing Strategy, System Design, Business, and Project Management areas has made me a uniquely valuable talent in the field of marketing.

I began my marketing career in the ’70s, when I traveled to the far-east to set up an international consumer products manufacturing, marketing, and distribution business. 


I have been creating long-term profitable solutions for my clients since 1995. My major clients have included Sony Music, The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, and Viacom.


I deeply believe in integrating the latest digital marketing practices and tools in marketing operations and optimizing the use of digital resources to make companies profitable and sustainable long-term.